100% pure juice

Freshko are 100% cold-pressed juices, squeezed and bottled using a special technology. No thermal treatment, no sweeteners, no preservatives.

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Cold-pressed juices

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Freshko Ginger shot

100 ml

Get a quick boost of energy with Freshko Ginger – a healthy shot of 100% cold-pressed fruits and ginger.

Freshko - We pick and select the fruits ourselves.
We pick and select the fruits ourselves
Freshko - No added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives
No added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives
Freshko - no thermal treatment or freezing
No thermal treatment or freezing
Freshko is in 100% recyclable bottles
100% recyclable bottles

The secret may lie in the process, but the process itself is no secret

This is the end-to-end process of Freshko – from the freshly picked fruits in our gardens to the fresh juices that greet you from store shelves.

Fruit origin

Fruits grown in our gardens

All Freshko juices are made of fruits that we grow in our gardens (find them on the map).

This is the only way to guarantee the high quality, unique taste and freshness of Freshko juices.


How are Freshko juices manufactured?

Freshko are 100% cold-pressed, preservative free, non-pasteurized juices. We use a special technology HPP (High Pressure Processing) that applies extremely high pressure to preserve all healthy nutrients of juices. To be specific, we are talking about a pressure of almost 6,000 bars. Thus is how we manage to preserve the freshness of Freshko even longer.


Freshko Quality Guarantee

Freshko has an IFS quality certificate. The IFS Food Standard is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized standard for auditing food manufacturers. The focus is on food safety and the quality of processes and products.

The IFS Food Standard has been developed with full and active involvement of certification bodies, retailers, food industry and food service companies. The list of audit requirements is in line with the latest comparative analysis requirements of GFSI, version 2020.1, FSMA, and EU regulations.

Freshko is IFS Food Standard certified
Where to buy

Freshko on refrigerated shelves

To retain the freshness and healthy nutrients of 100% cold-pressed juices, Freshko have to be refrigerated.

That is why Freshko are waiting for you on refrigerated shelves and in refrigerated display cabinets of stores. They are usually somewhere near fresh fruits and vegetables.

Freshko juices can be found in Kaufland stores
Freshko juices can be found in Billa stores
Freshko juices can be found in Fantastiko stores
Freshko juices can be found in T market stores

We are constantly expanding our network of smaller retailers. So look for us in the stores you usually visit.

We are also to be found in refrigerated vending machines placed in certain public facilities.

If you are a retailer and want to offer Freshko to your clients, please contact us.